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You're in the Driver's seat with Frax'd for Dealers

Frax'd has been developed specifically for premium dealerships. Effortlessly address the shifting mobility needs of today's car buyer.


Why Frax'd

The Frax'd dealership platform enables premium dealerships to effortlessly start participating in the future of mobility.


Using our platform is an easy and completely free way to offer co-ownership to the new and growing demand for fractional ownership. 


Frax'd ensures you don't have to do any of the heavy lifting and will grow your footfall and customer base instantly. 

  1. Choose what car you want to "Frax".    

  2. Select the customers you want to reach out to and connect to the Frax’d Platform.

  3. Sit back and let Frax'd bring together 10 fractional owners to buy the car. 

Once the Frax’d team has completed the ownership and payment paperwork, we will send you the owner's details so the car can be prepared and sold through your dealership. 


  • Effortless and fast setup 

  • Access to new buyer segments 

  • Increased sales

  • Additional sales support

  • Global exposure 

  • It's free to use

  • Unprecedented commissions and improved margins 



Comprehensive Dashboards

Our dedicated dashboards for sales and car management provide all information needed to oversee and manage fractional car sales

Dedicated CRM 

Frax’d tracks all of your potential customers as they move from consideration to purchase with our platform's CRM capabilities.

Realtime Planner

Stay up to date with your customer needs including services, car storage and collection, together with new upsell opportunities.

Extensive Marketing Templates

Promotion and communication with your potential customers is easy through our social and email templates tailored to your dealership.


Using The Frax'd Platform

Connect Inventory and Customers

After a short training session provided by our team (remote or at your dealership) you're ready to set-up your Frax'd dashboards.


Import your car inventory and customer lists and you're ready to go!

You control which cars you'd like to sell in fractions. Simply click on "Frax this car" and our sales wizard takes you through our promotion and marketing templates.

Promotion & Process

Frax'd manages the complete fractional sales process alongside your own marketing, sales and financing teams.

Every Frax'd car allows for up to 10 different owners, with a minimum of 3 owners.


Ready to seal the deal?


Skip the paperwork and simply generate an invitation for the Frax'd platform using your dashboard. We take care of the formalities.


Once all shares are sold we will plan delivery and transfer the funds in full. 

Extended Warranty, Scheduled Maintenance Plans & Delivery

Every Frax'd car sale includes a mandatorily extended warranty and scheduled maintenance plan with all fees included in the car sale before delivery.

Ongoing Support & Servicing

Co-owners manage access to their fractional car through the Frax’d App. This app manages the planning and communication regarding pick-ups, drop offs and collections made through your dealership.

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Product Shot Frax'd Dealer Platform CRM screenshot
Screenshot of Frax'd User app exotic car delivery invitation screenshot

What's in it for dealers?

Double Your Profits

Your Frax’d commission includes one of 12 ownership shares for every car sold in addition to your regular sales fees. 

Sell Warranty & Service Plans

Each Frax’d car includes an extended warranty and maintenance plan paid for by its co-owners. Opportunities exist to sell additional premium usage services such as home delivery and detailing.

Increased Sales

More Frax’d co-owners are connected to your dealership to help drive additional sales.


Ownership Done Fractionally.


Unprecedented Commissions

Frax’d sets up a legal entity for every new owner group that gives personal usage rights to 10 co-drivers, Frax’d and the dealer. The dealer can sell their usage rights at anytime to an additional co-driver to generate additional revenue from the car transaction. The creation of the entity, the purchase of the car (including warranty & schedule service packages) and Frax’d service fees are paid for by the co-owners.

The Frax’d commission puts you in the (co-)driver’s seat, giving you a choice of enjoying co-ownership, generate additional revenue or both.

* 1/12th ownership through usage rights


Boost your bottom line with co-ownership 


Why Frax'd?

The shared mobility partner for premium dealerships 

Frax'd has been created to keep premium dealerships in the driver's seat throughout the shift in mobility needs. 

Building upon years of experience in the premium automotive sector our team knows exactly what's important to dealers and owners alike. 2 years ago we embarked on our journey to create a future proof solution for both parties.

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